Moving Tips

Before you schedule a move estimate we recommend you survey your own home. Check all the rooms from attic to basement, and determine what will be moved, and what will be sold, donated or discarded. We often survey homes where the list of unknowns is way above average. For example, major appliances are often unknown if they are part of the current real estate contract or if you might be ready to purchase your new set. Simply put, the more you know about what is clearly moving the more accurate our estimate will be.


  • Dressers and chest of drawers can be left full with clothing. We ask however you remove all breakables, and liquids such as perfume and personal products.

  • Plants can be moved on local moves and we suggest they are not to be watered for at least two days before your move. Small plants should be placed in open top box.

  • Get rid of or plan on moving any flammable products - paint, solvents, gas cylinders and cleaning supplies.

  • Gas should be kept to a minimum in mowers, clippers, trimmers, blowers, compressors, edger’s, etc.

  • Clothes - do you need them all? Charity shops may want them.

  • Separate books - disposable, family reading, valuable.

  • Arrange to have mail forwarded, or held at the post office. click here

  • Agree upon a termination date for electricity, gas, oil, telephone and other main suppliers.

  • If you have children, keep their favorite toys or stuffed animals handy to travel with you.

  • All personal documentation - marriage/birth certificates, driver’s licenses, passports, identifications, should be moved by you.

  • Start running down your supply on perishables, freezer stocks.

  • Arrange your finances - close or transfer bank accounts, savings accounts and so on, if necessary


Particle board/ Press Board/ Fiberboard furniture: Due to the inherent nature of this type of furniture, they cannot usually be disassembled and reassembled. This is due to the pins and/or screws that hold the furniture together. Over time they loosen and will not hold the joints together properly. These types of furniture items are usually assemble at home products straight out of a box. They are shipped in that way because of the high risk in being pre built. For the same reason, particle board, press board or fiberboard furniture usually cannot be transported safely while assembled and the customer must understand the risk involved moving such pieces.

       General moving tips

Packing tips & advice

Tape all boxes:

Boxes should be taped at both seams top & bottom. Folding flaps is an unsafe method. Boxes with open lids or tops risk losing their contents and are not safely stackable. We recommend using high quality boxes. Used professional moving boxes are great on the environment and perfect for movers. Do not use grocery boxes, such as banana or apple boxes with open tops. Plastic packing tape only, paper tape is not as sturdy and duct tape does not hold to cartons as good.

Pack dishes, glass frames, etc.:

Place these items on there sides and not laying flat. This lessens the chance of breakage. Wrap all fragile items in unprinted newsprint, tissue, or bubble wrap. Clean newsprint works best and is cost effective. Fill the empty air pockets in the box with crumpled newspaper. Filling the boxes completely allows minimal chance of the box being crushed.

Lamp shades:

Should be removed from lamps and packed into boxes. Be sure to label these fragile. Heavy items: such as books, magazines, and weights should be packed in a small standard moving box such as 16”x12.5”x12.5” (also known as 1.5cu ft box).

Clear out unwanted items:

Hold a garage sale or call for a donation pickup service such as Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Empty fuel:

From lawn mowers, generators, weed wackers, and other garden equipment.

Have plenty of packing supplies/boxes:

Stock up on boxes and tape, so many people plan on having just enough boxes and end up making multiple last minute trips to purchase more boxes. We recommend having 20 boxes more than you think you'll need on moving day. There is always that undiscovered closet you didn't pack or goods found in the attic. Also, your mover may recommend packing items you may have thought could be shipped loose.

Pack one room at a time

Label exactly what room you want the box moved to at the new house.

Label the boxes on the sides:

Labeling the sides of the box instead of the top. This makes all the information visible when you have a stack of boxes being wheeled in on a dolly.

Color coding boxes:

This is a great tip to use especially on larger home moves. Green for office, yellow for den, orange for bonus room/loft, etc. Moving to 2 level condo; designate one color for each level.

Easy rule to follow regarding whether or not something should be packed in a box:

If it fits in a box - pack it. The rule applies from your standard small box of 1.5 cubic ft to your extra large box of 6.0 cubic ft. Wardrobe boxes can be extremely useful for the odd and over-sized items we accumulate over time. Such as snowboards, ski equipment, golf bags, boogie boards, miscellaneous sporting equipment, weed blowers, trimmers, clippers, rakes, shovels, and other gardening tools. While all these items can be moved without the use of a box it's definitely a worthwhile investment. The box will not only protect these items from damage but it will make the move much easier for you or the moving company you hire. It especially pays off when you are moving locally and thus paying for movers by the hour. Having invested in packing several wardrobes will speed things up more than you think. Each wardrobe can be easily moved to the truck with a dolly versus several trips hand carrying the odd items mentioned above.

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Tips to renting a moving truck

Reserve your moving truck as early as possible:

Search the internet for the best rates, ask about AAA discounts and military personnel specials.

Need to change dates:

Most rental truck companies allow this at no additional cost. Just try to give them as much notice as possible.

Compare apples with apples:

With so many companies to rent from you will quickly find out not all 16' trucks are the same size. Company A might have a truck with a loading space of 16'L x 8'H x 7 1/2'W. Company B might have a 16'L x 7 1/2'H x 6'W. The best way to compare the space of the truck is to ask for all 3 inside dimensions. Some companies may post cubic feet per truck for a quick comparison. When picking up the truck take your tape measure along for reassurance.

Call & confirm your reservation 24hrs in advance:

You don't want to arrive on the morning of your move day and find out they have no truck available for you. By you calling and alerting them of your reservation it forces them to double check that they have a truck available for you. There has been times where a truck is not available due to an error in their system of over booking and the customer is sent to a different location to pick up their rental. This can be a major set back, there's your time to pickup the truck and then if you hired movers they might be at your home, on the clock, waiting for you to arrive. Should they transfer your reservation to another location that is out of the way for you don't hesitate on asking for a discount or even a credit for the additional mileage you will incur.

Check the fuel level before you leave:

Don't rely on the fuel gauge. Do an actual visual inspection. Rental trucks have large fuel tanks, often two, one on each side of the truck. You should be able to easily see the fuel by removing the cap. If you see it's low simply ask them to top it off before you leave. We have been around trucks long enough to know most mark full at 90-95% fuel capacity. That may result in you being short 5-10 gallons.

Confirm the mileage on the contract matches the mileage on the odometer:

Remember these are constantly being updated in the computers and typos do occur. The mileage is usually the most expensive factor in a rental.

Make sure you are properly insured:

Many of you might have rental car protection when rented through your credit card company. Confirm the insurance applies to commercial vehicles, in most cases it does not. The insurance cost on the rental is usually costly but definitely worth it.

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