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  • Are you Licensed?
    Yes, we are licensed by the California Public Utilities Commission aka the PUC and our license # CAL PUC T-191175. Click here and select Moving Company and type in Carrier ID #: 191175 to view Premium Movers Inc. licensing info. Ask instead if the moving company is licensed with the PUC and what their license # is. Many companies are simply operating with a business license from the city which is unlawful since the PUC requires all moving companies to be licensed through them. Below is a link to the States website where you can enter any license # to verify compliance. The great news is their website is updated daily and all insurance requirements are viewable to the public, click here to check it out.
  • Do you have any hidden fees?
    No. This is the most popular question by far and a very important one. We don’t have any hidden fees and will actually disclose to you the top hidden charges in the industry. Request a free quote online and we will also send you some additional common hidden fees the industry often charges but not us.
  • Can I tip the movers?
    Yes, gratuity is gladly accepted but not a requirement.
  • Can you provide me with a certificate of insurance?
    Yes, we are always happy to provide you with any certificates that may be required by building management or more oftentimes required when moving from or to commercial properties. All we ask is we have these requests emailed to us. Certificate holders are usually very specific as to how they are listed as additional insured.
  • Do dresser drawers need to be emptied?
    We do ask that you remove any breakables such as perfume, cologne bottles, and any other fragile items. Clothes are generally okay left packed in the drawers, however if you have excessively large or heavy dresser or armoire you may consider emptying the drawers to facilitate the move. Some moving companies won’t alert you of their procedures and on move day they come with extra boxes and will require all the drawers to be emptied so that they may sell you their boxes and charge a packing fee. Premium Movers worst case scenario you have a large dresser upstairs full of clothes to heavy to be moved as is. We remove all the drawers carry the dresser downstairs and place all drawers back in the unit and once we blanket wrap it we can easily dolly the heavy dresser to the truck.
  • Who pays bridge/road tolls?
    We always pay and no it isn’t added to the bill. We go the Bay Area quite often and our entire fleet is equipped with FasTrak to pay for all bridge/road tolls. Some of our competitors will just ask for the cash to cross the bridge before heading down to the Bay and with some moving trucks having as many as 6 axles you may be unexpectedly paying $35-$50 for some of the Bay Area Bridges.
  • What day or date is best for moving?
    The 3rd or 4th day after your expected closing date is usually a recommended choice. While many try to schedule on the actual closing date of their home, delays often occur, escrows are delayed or loans don’t fund in time. The stress of having to reschedule due to the unforeseen delays can be avoided. With 20 years of moving experience we are far too familiar with delays from construction, remodeling, occupancy permits, etc. When possible allow yourself a cushion of time with both homes. If you will be renting your new home the possibility of delay is less likely and the 2nd day of possession is an optimal choice. Rescheduling is a common occurrence and we strive to accommodate your first choice when changing dates. We offer the same rate 6 days a week and Saturday’s are usually the most popular choice. If you do want to move on a Saturday we recommend securing your date in advance. Midweek specials are regularly posted on our website and typically are offered Tuesday-Thursdays.
  • How far in advance do I need to schedule my move?
    This depends on how large your move is and the distance being traveled. A small Studio move a few blocks away can be scheduled with little notice, but a large home to Southern California for example, should usually be scheduled with 1-2 weeks' notice. The more notice we receive the better your selection becomes on the date and time of arrival. For those wanting a morning move our general arrival time is 7am. Office and commercial moves are usually requested for a 5pm start and are completed by our swing shift crew so no need to worry that the movers have been working all day. We can accommodate most requests that are made in advance.
  • Who are your employees?
    All of our employees have a minimum of seven (7) years moving experience. We are a family owned and operated company with a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol in the work place. Unlike many of our large competitors we have a true limit of how many moves we will accommodate. That's because we won't ever call a temp agency or labor staff to fill our moving jobs. If you hire us it's because we will take on the project with “Premium Movers” only. If another project comes up for tomorrow and we are already booked we gladly offer the next available date. If that doesn't work we would rather offer no service than bad service. We know our staff and guarantee great service, we don't know who the temp agency will send and won't risk it...ever!
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