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Residential Moving Services
   Many local moving companies try to compete on price, but none can compete on service. We offer competitive rates year round and a higher level of service than our competition. Simply call us for an in home estimate or advice and discover why we are the Sacramento moving company of choice and the Roseville moving company of choice. A family owned and operated company.


Our Services

What we provide

  • Boxes/plastic totes on loan* (minimum job size may apply)

  • Express delivery on moves to Southern California

  • Free wardrobe boxes loaned on moves

  • Masonite boards

  • Commercial grade floor runners

  • Carpet masking

  • Bannister padding

  • Door jamb pads



Specialty items

  • Antiques

  • Grandfather clocks
  • Wine refrigerators

  • Wine cabinets

  • Wine collections

  • Large fountains

  • Cement / iron sculptures

  • Large redwood carved bears

  • Playground structures

  • Harpsichord

Piece moving or on-site work

Only planning on us moving a few heavy items? No problem! This option lets you pay based on a per item rate. It's a popular option for heavy or over-sized items such as safes, pianos, spas, etc. If you need to move furniture from one area of your home to another we provide the man power and equipment to do that. Another typical on-site job is within an apartment complex from one unit to another. 


Hourly rate moves

These are based on two factors; the number of movers and the size of truck required. Below are some examples of our most common packages.

  1. Mini Moves: 2 movers 2 hours with a 16' truck (Perfect for small moves like apartments or moving just big pieces in a home.

  2. Half Day Special: 2 movers 4 hours with a 24' - 26' truck (Most common choice for customer's trying to move all the large furniture; piano, appliances and heavy boxes. Ideal for those large apartments involving stairs at each location. For example moving from the second floor to third floor apartment.)

  3. Full Day Move: 4 man team 8 hours with a 26' - 50' truck (Ideal for x-large home moves; when everything from large furniture to small boxes. One of the movers may also be designated as a packer for any last minute help.)

  4. Email or call us for a free quote: We are experts at matching the best package for your individual needs and budget. 


Flat rate moves

Listed items: We can provide a flat rate based on a specific list of items you want moved. (It's a popular option for those wanting only the large items moved.)

Partial / Entire homes: We can provide you with an in-home estimate in order to determine the flat rate cost. To schedule an in-home consultation we will need to know approximate move date and the addresses you will be moving from and to. 


Flat rate moves are definitely a perfect match for those who need a price in advance for moving a list of items or an entire home. The benefit of flat rate moves is whether the job would normally be accomplished, for example, with two movers in 8 hours and we send three movers and do it in a half day the price remains the same.


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